Troubadour Image + Sound

Media Solutions for Creatives and Small Business


After working in audio production for over 20 years, it was recognized that video was the next step to promoting both products and businesses.  However, many smaller business owners and artists could not afford an agency to make the content that they needed.  Costs were too high for production and so many great products and new businesses did not flourish as well as they could have if they would have access to affordable video production.  We decided to address that problem. 

At Troubadour Image + Sound, we specialize in bringing your stories and ideas to life.  In a world in which video is the primary means of communication across platforms, demand has never been higher for compelling content with high production values. Even smaller businesses and organizations are recognizing the value of video to promote, advertise, and train. Advances in digital technology have made video affordable at almost any budget.  Troubadour Image + Sound is here to help you create, share, and build community around that content. We are passionate about using moving images to tell stories. Let us tell yours!

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